Your Treatment Plan

We customize a treatment plan to best treat your specific cancer diagnosis. Before you start your treatment, we will sit down with you and your family member to provide an overview of the treatment and side effects. Other topics to be covered: nutrition, what to expect on your treatment day, supportive care medications and prescriptions, how your treatment will affect other aspects of your life such as work, family life and exercise.

Our Financial Counselors will meet with you at this appointment and review your health insurance plan benefits and coverage and assess if applying for assistance would be beneficial for you. Your questions and concerns will be addressed at this appointment. The success of your treatment is relevant to understanding all of the elements in your treatment plan.

At the completion of your treatment, you will have an appointment that summarizes the treatment you received, discuss possible long-term complications that may occur and will address follow-up recommendations and survivorship issues and concerns.

Medication Dispensing

Oncology Specialists of Charlotte now offers in-office medication dispensing services for our patients.

For your convenience, we can dispense many prescription medications, including oral and injectable chemotherapy drugs as well as anti-nausea drugs, steroids, antibiotics and blood thinners.

We will file insurance claims under prescription medication insurance plans for you as well.

For more information, ask your oncologist or one of our nurse practioners.

Call us for more information.


- CT Scanning on-site

- Clinical Trials Network

- Laboratory on-site

- Genetic & Molecular Testing

- Bone Marrow Biopsies

- IV Infusion Services

            * Immunotherapy

            * Chemotherapy

            * IV Iron, IV Fluids

- Medication Dispensing

- Survivorship Program

- DigniCap® Hair Loss Prevention for Chemotherapy Patients

- Financial Counselors

- Physician on-call 24/7