What is your name?




What is your role at OSC?


Lab Technician, in the south Charlotte office. I started working at OSC a year and 3 months ago. I came around the same time that Dr. Dallas started


What is your background? Where have you lived?


My family moved from Newark, NJ to the Charlotte area 33 years ago. We lived in Kings Mountain, NC where I went to high school. Currently I reside in Gastonia. I have one child, an amazing son who is the backbone in my life!


What is your path working in healthcare and specifically cancer care?


I have been in the medical field in Charlotte for over 20 years, having worked mostly at Novant Health facilities. I am a phlebotomist and work in labs for various areas of care; adults, peds, and at the hospital. Prior to joining OSC, I was at Novant Health Cancer Institute, and I worked with oncologists Dr. Shehadeh and Dr. Dallas when they were at Novant. I followed them over to OSC. I love these docs! I was interested in oncology after seeing my aunt go through breast cancer. Back then I did not have the knowledge I have now about the medications and side effects. My aunt is doing better, she is a breast cancer survivor. Because of her I get a mammogram every year. Outside of healthcare, my passion is my hair business, Julia’s Hair Collection, named after my late mother Julia. I help women feel good about their hairstyles and find the right hair look by styles, weaves, and wigs. I have a following of nurses that I help with their hair


What is something you cannot have enough of?


Shoes, shoes, shoes, specifically I love heels! I have over 200 pairs. Obviously, I say I cannot have enough shoes. I also love purses. I like to shop for both at the Steve Madden store


What’s one “Good” habit you maintain?


Pray and fast. I pray a couple times a day and I incorporate fasting about every other month


What scent do you love to smell?


Lavender, a soft version, like cotton linen smell. But some might think it’s odd that I also like the smell of gasoline 😊 🤣🤣


What Netflix or other show series are you watching now?


A TV show called Girlfriends, and I also like BMF series (Black Mafia Family). I like the movie Scarface and The Sopranos, but not for the violence, for the hustling in the shows


What is your nickname or a nickname in your childhood?


Sha (pronounced Sh-ay) because my middle name is Lasha.


Pumpkin Spice or Carmel Apple?


Caramel Apple all the way, and no, no to anything pumpkin


published: Oct. 3, 2023, 7:38 a.m.

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