By: Justin Favaro MD, PhD

Recent articles have discussed the increased risk of serious illness from coronavirus in patients that have Type A blood. 

As you know there are 4 main blood types:

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type AB
  • Type O

There are 4 main take away points from the study.

1.  Studies from Wuhan and Shenzen, China have shown that a higher percentage of hospitalized coronavirus patients had type A blood compared to the general population.

2.  A lower percentage of hospitalized coronavirus patients had type O blood. 

3.  You may have a slightly higher risk of serious coronavirus infection if you have type A blood, and slightly lower risk if you have type O blood. 

4.  Please remember this is a small study from China and does not necessarily apply to patients in the United States.

The bottom line.  This data is very preliminary and it does not affect our recommendations:  continue to wash your hands frequently, avoid crowds over 10 people, continue to employ social distancing

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