What is your name? Paula

What is your role at OSC? I am a Patient Care Representative where I check-in and check-out patients and set-up referrals for those who need to see another physician for their condition(s). I have been working at OSC for over 4 years.

How did you come to work at OSC? It seemed like a good fit to work here when I saw the post for the job. I have worked in healthcare for 19 years, mostly in pulmonary medicine, but I also worked in orthopedics and at a podiatrist’s office 

What movie have you watched multiple times? Moonstruck

If you were given a car, any car of your choice, what would that be? A Mercedes-Benz sedan

Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate

If you were to go to medical school and become a doctor, what type of medical doctor would you be? A plastic surgeon

If you could go to lunch with someone famous, who would that be? George Clooney

What do you see yourself doing when you retire? I will look into volunteering with an organization where I can help people in need.

What is your favorite Winter Holiday movie? Serendipity