Advanced and experienced hematology and cancer care.
Your Home For Oncology

What Exactly Does This Mean?

Cancer treatment require many patient visits, and, during chemotherapy, you will spend a lot of time with our providers in our oncology office. The physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners at Oncology Specialists of Charlotte are ready to address any healthcare issue that may arise during your treatment journey—issues related to your treatment, as well as any other health issues or challenges you may face.

When you are referred to Oncology Specialists of Charlotte, we become your “primary oncologist.”

Why Primary Oncology?

Each patient case is unique and each patient’s treatment path must be unique as well. As an independent practice, we can do what’s best for you and your situation.

Does Oncology Practice Size Make a Difference?

Yes, it does. And bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. With a smaller practice such as ours, you will receive more personal treatment without sacrificing quality or access to specialty care. We have relationships with providers and programs at Levine, Duke University, UNC, and other treatment specialists.  Our staff oncologists participate in boards and clinical trials at many leading treatments and research hospitals and will work tirelessly to pair you with the right program, should your particular circumstance require it.

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