What is your role at OSC?
Infusion Nurse

What is your Educational Background?
I obtained my Masters in nursing from Youngstown State University. I am originally from Ohio.

Why did you choose to work in Healthcare and/or Oncology/Hematology? When I was growing up, my dad was sick. He had a home nurse that impressed me so much that I wanted to be a nurse too. My dad was a pastor and he urged me to go to school and become a servant to help people. Nursing was my calling. I was living and working in Tampa when I applied for a position in Charlotte. I was first a traveling nurse in the Concord area, but then the application I submitted to OSC came to fruition when I was called for an interview…. and the rest is history.

What are your hobbies and interests?
Music, working out, and my family. I have 2 daughters; one is a chef and the other a nurse. I became a grandmother last year for the first time!

What can you share about OSC that would be helpful to a new patient?
You should feel at ease here. You’re in good hands. I worked in critical care for 32 years where my nursing was one-on-one interaction with pts and family. Oncology falls within my years of devotion to providing care.

If you were to go to medical school and become a doctor, what type of medical doctor would you be? Labor & Delivery. I really liked working in this area.

What is your guilty pleasure? Buying things for my baby granddaughter

What is in your Netflix queue? The Notebook, Hallmark movies, and I really enjoy watching documentaries.

For Valentines, are you more drawn to Red or Pink? Definitely Red!