What is your name? Payton

What is your role at OSC? Patient Care Representative. I work in the south Charlotte office where I perform multiple roles helping out where needed at front desk and the infusion suite.

How did you come about to work at OSC? I started my college education at UNCC in business finance. My mom, Christine, has been an infusion nurse at OSC for 11 years. When the Covid crisis hit, they needed helpers to do Covid screenings. Since my college curriculum had gone virtual, I came in to help and ended up staying on.

Do you have a specific cancer or blood disease that you feel a personal connection or that strikes you as an interesting path of care? None specific. Everything in cancer and blood care is new to me. I have and will continue to learn more about the medical field and cancer healthcare.

What are your hobbies and interests? Spending time with friends, family, and our dogs. I love going to the beach!

What’s 1 “Good” habit you maintain? Keeping an open mind. No judgement zone. And I will never cut myself short.

What is your favorite Jelly Bell candy flavor? Grape

What travel destination do you have on your bucket list? Somewhere in the Caribbean like Cancun, or any island.

If you could go to lunch with someone famous, who would that be? Selena Gomez. She’s very humble and someone I have idolized. I’ve been told I look like her, but I don’t see it. (note: person interviewing said, yes, she does favor Selena)

What Netflix or other show series are you watching now? The show series Friends and Ted Bundy documentary.