What is your role at OSC?

CMA, Certified Medical Assistant

What is your Educational Background?

I sent to school for my medical assistant education at a community college in Michigan.

Why did you choose to work in Healthcare and/or Oncology/Hematology?

My best friend, Christine, is a chemo nurse here. We bonded years ago when our daughters were in competitive cheering and eventually on the high school cheer squad. My friend let me know that there was an opening for a medical assistant and that’s how I arrived at OSC 8 years ago. In total, I have been a medical assistant for 26 years, and I have worked in family and alternative medicine prior to oncology. 

What are your hobbies and interests?

Hiking, reading, wine tasting, water sports. I like the water. We live on Lake Norman.

What makes OSC so special?

Our culture of “family” with both staff, patients, and their family members. 

What can you share about Dr. Favaro if someone had never met him?

Dr. Favaro is a phenomenal doctor, caring, intelligent, funny, and considerate.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, dark is preferred, but I will eat any chocolate!

Beach or mountains?


What is your favorite Holiday movie?

Christmas Vacation