What is your name? Mila

What is your role at OSC? Infusion Nurse, RN BSN, OCN

What is your Educational Background? I have 3 bachelor’s degrees with one being
a bachelor’s degree in nursing, BSN, from the University of Southern Maine. I am
also an Oncology Certified Nurse, OCN.

What is your path working in healthcare? Or why did you choose to work in
I have always worked my nursing career in oncology. What inspired me
was when I was doing rotations before graduation, the field of oncology was my
calling. I felt this from the Lord. My husband, who is a respiratory therapist, and I
lived in Maine and did traveling nurses jobs. We came to Charlotte in 2016 where
I worked at the hospital’s in-patient care unit. I worked alongside Dr. Shehadeh
and that is how I came to OSC.

What can you share about OSC that that sets us apart from other medical groups?

There are specific connections here at OSC amongst the nurses, doctors, and
administrative staff. They treat you like family. We really, really follow our
patients and they express that they are truly cared for.

What are your hobbies and interests? Theater, ballet, family, traveling, swimming,
the ocean, hiking, outdoors, snorkeling and singing. I love being a mom of a
toddler son, and my husband and I are thrilled for our baby girl due in early

What is your favorite snack? Right now in pregnancy, a piece of bread, bagel or
toast is my go-to. Also plain tortilla chips.

Beach or Mountains? Beach! I love the ocean.

What movie have you watched multiple times? The Notebook

If you were given a car, any car of your choice, what would that be? BMW X5 in
the color white