What is your name? Lucy, ASCP, which is the acronym for American Society for Clinical Pathology

What is your role at OSC? Lab Technician in the Randolph Rd office

What is your background? Where from, Education? I was born in Albany, GA and grew up in Burlington, NC, so I consider myself a NC girl. After high school at Eastern Alamance, I continued my education in a healthcare curriculum at
Alamance Community College with a focus in phlebotomy. I then took myphlebotomy courses at the home office of Lapcorp in Burlington. I trained at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine where I worked for 3 years. I had family in Charlotte and really enjoyed my visits to the Queen City. So I then packed up my car and moved to Charlotte where I worked for Lapcorp in an infectious disease

How did you come about to join the team at OSC? I was working the 3rd shift at Novant hospital and met Valarie, who worked at OSC as the nurse manager. She said she had observed me and really liked the way I took care of patients. Valarie asked me if I wanted a 1st shift job in an independent medical practice, and my response was “Ahh, YES!”

What are your hobbies and interests? Spending time with my family, especially my son, he is my joy! I like reading and reaching out to serve others. I started my own business a little over a year ago, Lucy’s Beauty and Brow Boutique. I am a make-up artist where I practice a form of art to help women (and men too) with procedures and techniques to make them feel prettier and better about

What’s 1 “Good” habit you maintain? I drink a drink called “Greens” every day. It is a powder that you add to a liquid and it gives you a vegetable intake that you might not get through your daily meals.

What is your favorite candy bar? Ghirardelli milk chocolate with caramel

What movie have you watched multiple times? ‘Life” starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence

If you were given a car, any car of your choice, what would that be? A Porsche Panamera in black. It’s a slick 4-door high performance vehicle

Cat or Dog? Dog