What is your name?


What is your role at OSC?

Patient Care Representative

Where are you from originally?
Blairstown, New Jersey. It is located near the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. After taking care of my grandmother for 2 years of her illness, I moved down to Charlotte in 2008 after her passing.

KellyAnn (Right) with her sister Michelle (Left)

Why did you choose to work in Healthcare and/or Oncology/Hematology?
I had a friend who worked in the medical field and her practice had an opening. I have since worked in medical for internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, gastroenterology, and now my path has led me to oncology. Oncology is personal to me and I can now see the patients point of view. My sister Michelle was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in 2013. Her amazing strength and 26-month battle can be viewed online as she did a documentary with a media company on her journey that received national recognition. This is a beautiful story of a beautiful life lived. Please view here: Michelle’s Story

What are your hobbies and interests?
I like to cook, bake, photography and my greatest time spent is with my 2 grandsons

What can you share about OSC that would be helpful to a new patient?
We will hold your hand and heart throughout your journey. We have incredible nurses and staff that are exceptionally caring, and our doctors are committed and encourage and incorporate the patients’ family members into their care

If you were to go to medical school and become a doctor, what type of medical doctor would you be?

Social Worker or counselor

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate Ganache Cake

What is in your Netflix queue? Wiggles, Little Baby Bum, anything to watch with my grandsons, otherwise I don’t watch TV

Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream?