My husband and I

What is your name?
DeeDee, CMA

What is your role at OSC?
Certified Medical Assistant

What is your background? Where are you from? Education?
I have been a widow since May 3, 2020. I was married for 26 years to my childhood sweetheart James Frazier. We have 3 beautiful children, Jasmine age 29, Javonte age 24 and Jesharelah age 23. Also, we have three little granddaughters Arielle age 3, Kamilla age 1 and Kaleyah 2 months. I am from Monroe, NC and been here all my life. I started my education in 2001 as a future nurse. Due to family, I changed my career to medical assistant to start work to help support my family.

What is your path in healthcare? Or why did you choose to work in Oncology?
I have worked in healthcare since 2002. I started my education in 2001 as a future nurse. Due to family, I changed my career to medical assistant to start work to help support my family. I attempted to continue my education as a nurse, but never completed it. After working with a general surgeon for 10 years, I grew to love taking care of cancer patients.

What is 1 “Good” habit you maintain?
I purpose daily to be happy and chose to live my life with no regrets.

What is something you cannot have enough of?
I love shoes and continue to buy them as the trend changes.

Who is your favorite singer or group?
I am my favorite singer due to having the gift to sing. Singing helps me to release my inner thoughts daily.

What movie have you watched multiple times?
I do not watch a lot of movies, but I love to watch sports.

Describe your BFF in one word?
My BFF is fun, caring, loving and supportive.

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Or something you are thinking of doing in 2023 or improving on.
I am not sure, but I goal to never give up and allow my pain to express love daily.

Granddaugther Arielle
Youngest granddaughter Kaleyah
Granddaughter Mamilla
Son Javonte and Babygirl Jesharelah
All 3 of my kids
Request An AppointmentNew patient appointments require a physician to send a referral request on your behalf. The referring physician can be a specialist you saw who identified an oncology-related condition or your primary care physician
  • New patient: you have a medical condition that is or could be cancerous or a blood disorder
  • Transfer care: you are moving into the area and need an oncologist/hematologist, or you are currently under the care of a local oncologist/hematologist and would like to transfer care to one of our physicians
  • 2nd Opinion: you have been diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder and would like to get a second opinion on the prognosis and treatment course
  • Former patient: if you have not been to the office in 3 years or more, you will need to get a referral sent in by a physician to re-establish care

Send the referral form to your physician to refer and ask them to send with the following items:


*****  FAX # 704-377-0353 *****