In lieu of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Oncology Specialists of Charlotte is Offering Telehealth options for their patients.

How Does It Work?

Please call into the office as you normally would (704-342-1900) and someone will provide you with an invite to a Zoom or Skype session.

Questions About Telehealth

Who is eligible for telehealth?

Patients who are scheduled for a follow-up appointment or to review scans or lab results.

When are telehealth appointments conducted?

Currently, we are scheduling telehealth appointments as we would normally schedule an in-person appointment.

How Can I schedule a telehealth appointment?

Please call the office and we will provide you with a link to a Zoom or Skype call. (Please Note: We need to pre-qualify your eligibility for a telehealth call before issuing a link)

Does my insurance cover telehealth appointments?

Currently, all insurance providers are participating in telehealth

What information should I have on hand for my telehealth appointment?

Please have your Insurance information and credit/debit card for copay/deductable (same as would be checking in for an in-person appointment)