Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1974 at age 27. She and her husband tried to conceive a child for ten years. Two years after her cancer diagnosis, their first child, a daughter was born! She was so blessed after having the diagnosis and treatment. “I used to say God took away a part of my flesh, but gave me something so wonderful in its place”.

Then another daughter arrived! Years later in 1991, the breast cancer came back. Both occurrences were treated and released. Again in 2007, it resurfaced, and it was more advanced with stage IV. She was stunned by this revelation and didn’t know what to make of it. She and her family were headed on vacation in two days, so she asked the doctor, “Can I still go to the beach with the family now?”

By this time, she, her husband and children had moved to Charlotte where she sought out an oncologist and was paired with Dr. Justin Favaro at Oncology Specialists of Charlotte. Linda raves about her care under Dr. Favaro, “I wouldn’t have any other doctor- he’s wonderful! and his team of nurses and patient care coordinators are all loving and responsive”.

After years of breast cancer therapies- radiation, surgery and hormone therapy, she has remained well in her 70’s, however, she is still on treatment. She chuckles, “I’ve lived my life longer with cancer than pre-cancerous”. Linda summons it up to “Life goes on. It is what you make of it”.

Then another cancer intrusion entered the family as her husband Jim was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2011. She went into a whirlwind of being a cancer patient and a caregiver. Without any other consideration, Jim went for cancer care with Dr. Favaro. Now it’s a family affair!

Jim has been treated and doing well, however the journey had one more hurdle to hop, Jim was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2019. Today he is responding well to the colon cancer therapies and the couple are enjoying wonderful family times with their two daughters and eight grandchildren- seven grandsons and one granddaughter who all live and work in metro Charlotte. Linda follows a mindset that one should live to add life to your days and not days to your life. Jim and Linda have been married 55 years. For two milestones of marriage, 50 and 55-year anniversary, they were at the practice getting treated and gave a beautiful smile and pose for us in the infusion suite as you can see in the photos. Linda attests that she and Jim are blessed after rounds of cancer in their lives, and says “the big C is in Christ, and the cancer is just the little c”.