Approximately 1 in 5 women with breast cancer have HER2+ (Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor 2-positive) breast cancer. For women with HER2+ breast cancer, Herceptin (generic name: Trastuzumab) can be used as a form of treatment.

The HER 2 positive breast cancer gene is present in all human cells and is responsible for the division and growth of the cell. But too many HER2 genes in a cell can result in an over-abundance of receptors on the cell’s surface; this is called protein over-expression. Over-expression causes cells to divide uncontrollably, leading to the cancer spreading.

Testing to see whether or not your breast cancer is HER2+ will determine which cancer therapies to pursue. Herceptin is a HER2-targeted therapy. More specifically, it is a HER2-specific antibody that binds to the cancer cells and disrupts the uncontrolled growth cycle. Due to continued positive results, Herceptin has become the first-line therapy for HER2+ breast cancer.

Additionally, Herceptin can be used as a form of continued maintenance therapy for patients’ remission from HER2+ breast cancer. Sequential Herceptin treatments beyond the initial chemotherapy regimen have demonstrated positive results for patients in remission and have contributed to an increased survival rate in women with HER2+ breast cancer.

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