With one snap, Rex’s life changed forever. After several misdiagnoses regarding his back pain, Rex learned in 2008 that he has multiple myeloma; a rare blood cancer that impacts the plasma cells which weaken bones.

Rex noted that a doctor told him he had the back of an 80-year-old, and he wasn’t even 50.

Within a short time of receiving his diagnosis Rex was seen by our own Dr. Favaro. Because of our relationship with research hospitals across the country Dr. Favaro consulted with MD Anderson in Houston and doctors in Durham to create a medicinal cocktail which began to aggressively fight this blood cancer.

In Rex’s words…

The care I got from OSC was something I’ve always been grateful for. The openness to which they treated me allowed me to dive into my own care as well. When I got my cancer diagnosis, I felt so many conflicting emotions. Everything from not seeing my children graduate from high school to the incredible financial struggle this disease would cause my family. I wanted to be a part of my own healthcare as well.

I’m still living with multiple myeloma, and it’s impacted so many parts of my body. I’ve been grateful to the entire team at Oncology Specialists of Charlotte. For all of you living with cancer now I want you to keep fighting for your health and life.

Currently, I don’t feel bad with the exception of some minor pain in my mouth – dex and oxycodone help as does knowing I’m supported by a great team of doctors. I still get around and sometimes use a cane.

Rex and his wife at the beach
Rex’s Family
Beloved dog, Roxie

Rex’s son is getting married in Thailand on February 11. Pictured below are his son and his bride, Jajah, taking wedding photos a couple of days ago. His daughter is teaching in a nearby city.

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