Genaro pictured with Mount Baker in Washington in the background in August

What is your name?
Genaro (pronounced, hen-ar-o)

What is your role at OSC?
Infusion Nurse, I have a BSN & an RN. I work at both offices Infusion Suites

What is your background and nursing education?
I was born in Washington state. At the age of eight, my family moved to Asheville NC where I was raised. Being in the mountains already, I attended Western Carolina University in Cullowhee NC, and earned my nursing RN and Bachelor of Science in nursing, BSN. Upon graduation I worked in MedSurg for a year and then oncology at Mission St Joseph Hospital back in Asheville. I then headed to Charlotte where I worked at Novant cancer center. I worked with an infusion nurse, Halen, who also worked at OSC and mentioned the practice was seeking infusion nurses. One day when I bumped into Dr. Favaro, I inquired. He said he would send my name to his administrator, and he really meant it, as I got a call the same day from the administrator to come in for an interview

What is your path working in healthcare?
Or why did you choose to work in Oncology? I love hematology and enjoy learning more in this subspecialty. When I was in nursing, I gravitated to oncology, but also thought maybe pediatrics. Mission Hospital offered me a job in NICU and in oncology, and well, you know which one I chose. I am currenting studying for my nurse practitioner’s degree at University of Cincinnati on a 2-year program

Who is your favorite singer?
The Weeknd, a Canadian singer

What is something that comes to mind that you are “picky” with?
What I eat. I am health conscious

What travel destination do you have on your bucket list?
Several! South Africa, Brazil, Asia- specifically Hong Kong. My life goal is to visit every continent

If you were given a car, any car of your choice, what would that be?
It must be a manual transmission, a Maserati or a BMW

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Home Alone, the first one

Can you share a Holiday Tradition of yours and your family?
Watching sports