Advanced and experienced hematology and cancer care.
Advanced and experienced hematology and cancer care.
For Physicians

Referrals can be made by faxing a referral form (click on form Below) to # 704-377-0353 (fax) for blood and/or cancer evaluations on new patients. Or referrals can be made from EMR to EMR systems in a safe transmission via the Health Information Exchange Direct Email Address.  Ours is:

For timely scheduling, please include last office visit notes, patient demos, and any corresponding labs, scans, and pathology.

We accept most major health plans, and we do verify insurance coverage.

Upon receipt of referral, we will have the patient scheduled within 24 hours. We will contact your office and notify you of the appointment details for you to communicate this to your patient.

For STAT, it would most effective to call our patient scheduler 704-342-9577.

Our physicians and nurse practitioners are active in our medical community with collaboration and participation in:

  • Tumor Boards
  • Clinical Trials
  • Genetic Testing and Counseling
  • Community Oncology Alliance Patient Advocacy Network (CPAN)
  • Interactions with Duke Medicine, UNC School of Medicine, Wake Forest, and MD Anderson Cancer Center

Click here to download our Medical Oncology/Hematology Patient Referral Form.

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