OSC Staff Spotlight: Genaro

Genaro pictured with Mount Baker in Washington in the background in August What is your name?Genaro (pronounced, hen-ar-o) What is your role at OSC?Infusion Nurse, I have a BSN & an RN. I work at both offices Infusion Suites What is your background and nursing...

OSC Staff Spotlight: Angel L.

Pictured: Angel with her 1-year-old daughter What is your name?Angel L. What is your role at OSC?Registered Medical Assistant, RMA. I go to both offices and work with the physicians and nurse practitioners to round patients and coordinate care. Where did you grow up...

OSC Staff Spotlight: Allison

Allison with her rescued kitten. What is your name?Allison, BSN, RN  What is your role at OSC?Infusion Nurse What is your Educational Background?I am a South Carolina native from Greenville, SC. I graduated from Clemson with my BSN and RN. “Go Tigers”! I...

OSC Staff Spotlight: Amy

Amy with her husband, daughter and son What is your name? AmyWhat is your role at OSC? Nurse Practitioner, FNP-CWhat is your Educational Background? I graduated from UNC-Wilmington with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. I have worked in nursing for 21 years....
Request An AppointmentNew patient appointments require a physician to send a referral request on your behalf. The referring physician can be a specialist you saw who identified an oncology-related condition or your primary care physician
  • New patient: you have a medical condition that is or could be cancerous or a blood disorder
  • Transfer care: you are moving into the area and need an oncologist/hematologist, or you are currently under the care of a local oncologist/hematologist and would like to transfer care to one of our physicians
  • 2nd Opinion: you have been diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder and would like to get a second opinion on the prognosis and treatment course
  • Former patient: if you have not been to the office in 3 years or more, you will need to get a referral sent in by a physician to re-establish care

Send the referral form to your physician to refer and ask them to send with the following items:


*****  FAX # 704-377-0353 *****